Code Craftsmanship Saturdays

Code Craftsmanship Saturdays

  • Code Craftsmanship Saturdays is a meetup group where people can learn and practice both new and old technologies in an informal environment.
  • People learn best when paired in groups where they can share different ideas, thoughts, and approaches to problems.
  • This group is heavily influenced from the Node School Organization, but is intended to be more generic in content.
  • This code retreat is about practice, not about delivering a product on a deadline.
  • We will follow the format of a code retreat but the meetups will only be 4 hours long.
  • Start now, try something new, get the fire back, the reason you started coding in the first place!


Software Security

A look at Software security and specifically the OWASP top 10

Software Security Gitbook Software Security Code

Please look at more workshops in my github handle jbelmont