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API Workshop

A workshop on API Development, API Security, API Testing and API Description Languages

API Workshop Gitbook

Here is the gitbook for the API Workshop

Workshop Details

Make sure that you have Golang Installed

Install Dep binary

Please run the following commands to install Dep which is a dependency manager in Golang:

Dep Install Script
  • curl | sh
Install GoMetalinter

Binary Releases To install the latest stable release:

curl -L | sh Alternatively you can install a specific version from the releases list.

Homebrew brew tap alecthomas/homebrew-tap brew install gometalinter

Homebrew Installation for Mac OS x

Install or upgrade to the latest released version with Homebrew:

  1. brew install dep
  2. brew upgrade dep

Once you have dep installed run the make command in your terminal

Run make in the root of the repository to install go libraries needed for the workshop.

Add common.env file to the repository

Please make sure to rename the common.env.sample to common.env

Running API

Run make dev in order to get API running locally

This gets both Redis and MongoDB running in docker containers as well as a Golang Container running.

Running API Tests

Run make test in order to run the tests in a Go container

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