Software Security

  • Software security entails software that continues to function correctly under malicious attack.
  • Most engineers acknowledge that security is important but don't know the steps to tackle security
  • Software security best practices leverage good software engineering practice
    • Involve thinking about security early in the software lifecycle, knowing and understanding common threats
    • Including language-based flaws and pitfalls
    • designing for security
    • Putting all software components thorough objective risk analyses and testing.

Difference between Software Security and Application Security

Gary McGraw

Gary McGraw maintains that application security is a reactive approach, taking place once software has been deployed. Software security, on the other hand, involves a proactive approach, taking place within the pre-deployment phase.

Difference between Software Security and Application Security

Software security (pre-deployment) activities include:

  • Secure software design
  • Development of secure coding guidelines for developers to follow
  • Development of secure configuration procedures and standards for the deployment phase
  • Secure coding that follows established guidelines
  • Validation of user input and implementation of a suitable encoding strategy
  • User authentication
  • User session management
  • Function level access control
  • Use of strong cryptography to secure data at rest and in transit
  • Validation of third-party components
  • Arrest of any flaws in software design/architecture

Application security (post-deployment) activities include:

  • Post deployment security tests
  • Capture of flaws in software environment configuration
  • Malicious code detection (implemented by the developer to create backdoor, time bomb)
  • Patch/upgrade
    • Meaning that situations like third party software or dependencies needing to be patched
  • IP filtering
    • White List Known Good IP addresses instead of leaving a bunch IP addresses open
  • Lock down executables
    • This in my mind goes more hand in hand with compiled languages but I could be wrong
  • Monitoring of programs at runtime to enforce the software use policy

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