Golang Basics Workshop and Testing

Learning New Programming Languages First Workshop on Golang

Read the Golang GitBook

Install Go



  1. Define GOPATH
    1. Using environment variables set GOPATH=/Users/marcelbelmont/go
    2. This is an example of MAC OS X
    3. Windows users might have to edit the environment variables through advanced settings
    4. Although the MSI installer should do this


A workspace is a directory hierarchy with three directories at its root:

  • src contains Go source files
  • pkg contains package objects
  • bin contains executable commands

  • The GOPATH environment variable specifies the location of your workspace.

  • It defaults to a directory named go inside your home directory, so $HOME/go on Unix
  • %USERPROFILE%\go (usually C:\Users\YourName\go) on Windows.

Create your projects under the workspace

  • My path is /Users/marcelbelmont/go and I place all my projects under


This is a convention followed in GO to make your project go get able

MAC users should run the following command mkdir -p ~/go/src/github.com/${github-username} in terminal

Optionally just open finder and right click and folder structure manually Windows users can do the same thing


I would recommend the VSCODE Text Editor it has a nice Go extension

Download CODE

Install Go extension by clicking extension icon and type go in the market place input box then install it

  • The extension will prompt you to install some missing packages you should do this
  • Lint, Formatting, and more will be done by the EDITOR

Workshop Koans

I have created a set of practice koans for everyone to do Koans are basically tests that are failing that you need to get passing

  1. cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/${name}
  2. Run git clone https://github.com/jbelmont/golang-workshop.git in order to install the repository
  3. Run go test in order to see the first failing koan
  4. You should see filename and line number where the koan is failing. Try to make it pass


Inside the practice folder are a couple of exercises for you to try if you have time remaining


I have added documentation for you to read at your leisure with different GO topics in the GITBOOK

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